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AHC Features & Amenities

A recent article on described the many features and amenities which are available at Advanced Health Care. In a portion of the article a recent patient described his experience:

"You don't mind if you're sick and you come to a place like this," said Edward Murphy, 74, one of Advanced Health Care's first patients. "This type of deal," he said, picking up a radish from his lunch plate that had been sliced into an elaborate rose. "The little stuff."

Murphy underwent quadruple-bypass surgery in January and has spent over a month recovering at the new facility. His wife Dee, 73, drives 20 miles each day from their home in Scottsdale to visit. Despite the distance, the two settled on Advanced Health Care right away after touring several other options.

Advanced Health Care always strives to provide the best professional care in a comfortable and luxurious environment. ...

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